YogaUP! Rise High, Reclaim Gentleness, Radiate Your Truth.2019-08-10T02:28:06+00:00
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Wake         Spiritually
Light         Emotionally
Tune         Physically
The only International Yoga alliance Certified
Discovery Bay, HK
Together, we thrive on the simplicity and openness of life, to utilize yoga as our tools to rise up from frustration, judgement, tightness and pain
Rise High, Reclaim Gentleness, Radiate Your Truth
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Meet one of the world champs in Yoga, ChauKei.
She's one of the instructors that will
help and guide you find the fountain of youth in Yoga.
World-Class Instructors
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Introduce yourself to us before class begins
and we promise we won’t make a big deal out of it.
Starting yoga can be a daunting prospect.
First Timer
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Our mission is to focus on the individual journey
and purpose to motivate ourselves to reach
and maintain radiant health and personal fulfillment...
About US!

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