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YogaUP is known for providing comprehensive and holistic practice and training for all students, and so we are pleased to share this 200 hour  Yoga Alliance Certified Training programme for students where we will cover all the major aspects of Yoga for both in Theory and in Practice.

Together with Chaukei Ngai leading the training, you will develop a deeper understanding of the process and the science of Yoga and you will be given a solid foundation through a proven and effective teaching methodology that is rooted in both awareness and practice.

The YogaUP Teacher Training programme will be held at the YogaUP Studio located in Discovery Bay, HK

Student Testimonies

“YogaUP Creates a genuine community in which everyone dives in & learns in positive vibes.

The content of the training covers all the fundamental knowledge every yoga teacher needs”

-Sally Tse

“I want to do it again! I love the journey , best experience and very fulfilling in many ways”

– Sophie Martin

“ChauKei  & her team were brilliant, really felt like a well rounded experience & honestly feel ready to go out into the world and teach”

– Ashley Henson

“As a lead teacher ChauKei was able to organize & control the Rhythm of the training lessons in order to optimize the effectiveness. She was very knowledgeable & Inspiring, an excellent teacher and a role model. 

Yogesh was great, love to learn more from him. 

Jonathan was very knowledgeable, patient & well prepared, his martial arts & yoga presense made his teaching more relevant to yoga teacher training.”

– Ronnie Popp

“I loved ChauKei’s way to teach, I love Yogesh lessons & all the others. The way Jonathan teached us was very clear using the projector and Mr. Jonathan”

– Veronica Perenzoni

“ChauKei always gives positive feedback, she made you focus on the positives of the training – by doing that she has given me hope & encouragement to continue the training much more, even when the course is almost done it made me not want to give up, even when i felt like i really want to give up”

– Lulu Bechgaard

This program moves through 3 major areas of development necessary to share the practice of yoga with ample knowledge, confidence and compassion.

1). Yoga Philosophy

2). The Body

3). The Core Program

4). Program Schedule

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In YogaUP, students will be able to start teaching and are given the right environment that can help develop and nurture individual teaching styles. At first, participants will begin teaching a fixed sequence to a small group. It progresses by adding more elements at play in order to give the students have the right pace to adjust to different scenarios. Students will be able to observe each other as they play the role of teacher. And also, they will be given feedback in order for them to adjust and improve their teaching strategies.  This module is also a great tool that can allow students to test their sequences on different body types and practice levels before they can venture into the real world of teaching yoga.

Areas of Study

Philosophy & Lifestyle

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • History of Yoga
  • Yogic diet
  • Yoga & modern lifestyle

Ethic for Teachers

Eight Limbs of Yoga

Pantanjali Yoga Sutras

Understanding Differences between Modern Yoga

Introduction to Ayurveda



In Anatomy and Physiology lectures, students will have a deeper understanding of the various systems of the body. Students are able to learn how anatomy is related to the movement of the body. Students will gain insights on the different types of joints as well as its range of motion. In addition to this, we will also teach which muscle group is responsible for executing certain movements and how the nervous system coordinates with your musculoskeletal system.

Main Components of the Practice

  • The Breath
  • Connection, Breath & Movement
  • Transitions
  • Progression 
    • Warm up
    • Standing Sequence
    • Floor Sequence
    • Relaxation

Anatomy & Physiology

Lectures covering the various systems of the body such as 

  • Skeletal
  • Muscular 
  • Respiratory
  • Nervous
  • Endocrine


  • Yoga Postures and Variation
  • Restorative and Yin Postures 
  • Tradition Hatha Yoga Practice
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Various of Sun Salutation
  • Yoga Props Application


YogaUP offers tools, teaching methodology, and a hands-on approach in order to for students to acquire the skills necessary to share their knowledge, refine teaching skills, or simply develop a sophisticated approach in their practice.

Our teaching methodology introduces various ways which a student will be able to handle a class. Participants will be able to learn how to conduct a class using their body, voice, and movement. Our students will also learn how to properly deliver verbal and physical alignments as well as adjustments in order to deliver instructions more effectively.

Sequencing covers the main principles involved in safe sequencing that can be applied in teaching different styles of yoga. It is a modular system utilized in order to conduct an efficient and suitable class for students with different levels of understanding of yoga. Participants will be taught how to analyze sample classes and learn how they can create their own sequences with specific goals for their students.

Teaching Methodology & Techniques

  • Role of a Teacher
  • Qualities of a teacher
  • Use of Voice & Body Language
  • Verbal and Physical Demonstrations
  • Verbal and Physical Assisting & Adjustments
  • Communication skills
  • Teaching multi-level classes
  • Time Management
  • The Student learning process


  • Principals of Sequencing
  • Using a modular system for efficiently creating sequences
  • Creative Sequencing for different class styles

Sequencing focuses on one main asana category such as:

  • Forward Bends
  • Backward Bends
  • Hip Openers
  • Side Bends & Twists
  • Balancing (Arm and Leg)
  • Inversions

Business of Yoga

  • Understand the Marketing and Business of a Yogi
  • Ethic for Teachers


  • Practice teaching as the lead instructor
  • Assisting students while other is teaching

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We are very excited as Chaukei Ngai will lead the whole 200 Hour Teacher Training

ChauKei (pronounced chow kay) is the founder and director of YogaUP, with the mission of bringing people together from all cultures, ages, sizes and shapes with the tool of yoga.ChauKei is a proud parent of a vibrant 9 year old boy and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Her wide range of unique skills have nurtured and motivated thousands to live a healthier lifestyle. Her yoga discipline comes from Bikram Yoga, Ana Forrest Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic medicine.

She grew up in Canada graduated in Psychology in York University, recently moved back to Hong Kong which is one of the place she called home. She has been teaching yoga worldwide since 2006. In 2013, she won the prestigious International Yoga Sports Federation Championship, the world’s largest international yoga competition with participants from over 25 countries. A two time Silver medalist and one time Bronze medalist Chaukei became the first champion to have earned all three medals. Just as significant is the fact that she became the first mother to become World Yoga Champion.


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 Teaching the Yoga Anatomy – To better understand safe and stable physical alignment in yoga poses. Pick up in-depth knowledge to take to the mat to fine-tune and deepen your practice.


Born into a family whose father is a yoga teacher for 45 years, Jonathan has always been immersed in the yoga spirit.
However, it is to Asia that Jonathan will first turn. In fact, he started practising martial arts since his childhood and became a member of the Kung Fu Wushu National French team.


Guided by his passion for intense physical sports, he naturally found himself interested in human anatomy and body performance, which led him to complete a 5-year master’s degree program in Osteopathy from the European Centre of Osteopathy Higher Education, recognized by the French Ministry of Health and the EU. He also holds an Inter-University’s Diploma of Anatomy, as well as MBSR and more other holistic approaches.


As he developed a real dedication to teaching, Jonathan holds a High National Diploma in Physical Education and Sport to be able to teach in the best way he could.


His experiences have allowed him to instruct martial arts, yoga and human sciences in various situation and to develop and share many values including respect, humility and sincerity.


However, Jonathan never forgot his yoga family roots and he is showing now a true interest in Yoga and his father knowledge.

A close disciple of South India’s Yoga Guru Dr. Asana Andiappan, He is an experienced Yoga Master for number of years, Yogesh specializes in Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy.  With his teaching method that are rooted in simplicity and directness which makes it easy to build a strong foundation for everyone’s practice.  Yogesh has been blessed to lead his classes and workshops in many countries around the world including; Singapore, Australia, China, Korea, Japan and Denmark – amongst others.

Joining us to with this Teacher Training he’ll be teaching Pranayama, History of Yoga,  Kriyas and Bandhas.

Get to know more about Yogesh: http://varunyoga.com/

Program Schedule:

Monday & Friday ——————————————  11:45am to 6:15pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday ———————— 11am to 6:15pm

Rates and Registration

Early Bird (until September 1st) ————————— — — — $24,900
Regular (from September 2nd – October 24th)——— — — — ——  $29,500
October 25th onwards  ——————————————— — —————$31,000

Payments can only be made via Cash, Check or Bank Transfer