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YogaUP is not just a studio to learn and practice several forms of Yoga, but it is far deeper than that, YogaUP is place where we treat everyone as family and as part of the community, It’s a place where we provide an intimate and supportive environment for everyone to connect with their own personal strength.
Our studio is located in the very heart of Discovery Bay, where the view is uplifting, calming, it’s ambience soothes and encourages the very soul of each individual.
Direct by Chaukei Ngai a 2013 International Yoga Asana Champion, through her own experiences in Yoga,
she provides opportunities for participants to Rise high, Radiate our truth and Reclaim our gentleness.
Our Mission is to focus on each individuals journey and motivate each other, to reach and maintain radiant health and personal fulfillment.
At YogaUP we do it differently our Teachers Engages,Motivates, Supports and value each for the benefit of the body, soul and spirit.