The typical lifestyles of today’s women are very high-stress and extremely busy. Whether we’re career-oriented, moms, care-takers, household managers, or all of the above! Usually this means that we neglect ourselves and our health. And that includes neglecting time for us to have an exercise routine.

This is where yoga comes in!!
It doesn’t matter your age; you are never too young or too old to start doing yoga. It also doesn’t matter what condition your body is in currently. There are all types of yoga and they each have incredible benefits. Some you’ve probably heard about, and maybe there are some you haven’t. Read on!

Spine Health (pregnancy)
One of the most important benefits of yoga for women is that it keeps our spine healthy. Women specifically because our spines carry some major weight during pregnancy. It needs to be one of the most (if not THE) strongest and healthiest body part of ours. The beneficial yoga exercises that benefits your spine are Flexion, Extension and Side bending, for example.

Yoga Makes You Happier
And you’ll also benefit from having a sense of inner peace. Most of us are dealing with stress and anxiety daily, so, practicing yoga will help center your mind. Especially when you need it most.

Yoga Gives You Glowing Skin
Now this might be one of the surprising benefits. Yoga fights off stress, anxiety and depression, which cause major damage to our skin! Yoga helps our skin heal up faster from acne scars and keeps skin healthy, clear and glowing, in general.

Yoga Helps PMS
Oh, thank you, yoga. Thank you! This is very true, and very helpful to those horrible, awful period cramps. Our hormones go crazy, too, and that leads to anxiety. Practicing yoga regularly helps relieve pain and discomfort. PMS also causes insomnia, irritability, discomfort, depression, headaches, and yes, they can be eased and alleviated by doing yoga regularly.

Yoga Helps Your Memory
Which is a huge benefit, considering all the to-do lists and tasks that come with a busy lifestyle. However, doing yoga exercises may help retain and improve our memories. For example, by performing memory asana yoga, it will help boost ideal memory power.

Yoga Improves Discipline
There’s a lot of discipline in yoga. From controlled breathing and maintaining poses, yoga sets you up to control your mind in a more disciplined manner. Meaning, your hectic days will be more under control, along with your interpersonal skills. Think calm. Think relaxed. That’s what yoga does!

Yoga Keeps Us Energized
Getting exhausted too early in the day?? Don’t reach for an energy drink. They don’t last long, and then you’ll end up “crashing” later with a pesky nap. Yoga is the best energy boost that lasts for a long time! Rise, shine and get your morning yoga on!
Along with other yoga practices, you can come up with a practical routine that incorporates what you’ll benefit the most from, depending on your specific lifestyle.

About the writer:  Chaukei Ngai

I was born in Hong Kong, two months premature and because my lungs were not developed enough to breath on my own, I was put on a ventilator. My whole young life, I always felt like I was struggling just to catch my breath, and many took many trips to the hospital in order to get oxygen. This went on till I was in my 20’s. Then, when I was student at York University in Toronto, I went to my first yoga class and my life completely changed. I’ve never looked back. It was the first time I ever experienced a real connection to my body. I found my passion, and my calling. I found stillness. Eight short years after that Bikram’s class in Toronto, I became the International Yoga Asana Champion. And I have my beautiful son who does yoga with me. I always say that Yoga taught me how to breathe, but it’s also the fire in my life that propels me forward, both spiritually and competitively.


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