Why choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Most everyone sets a goal at some point to eat healthier and exercise more often. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a special occasion (weddings, vacations, reunions), the intention is there. Sometimes our goals and intentions end up being short-lived and we fall right back into bad habits. If you’ve been wanting to make positive changes to your overall health, we hope the information and tips below can help you get started!

Learn About Health and Wellness

The easiest way to stay on track is to educate yourself. Talk to your doctor or a trusted, reliable source who can help you better understand the (not so obvious) consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. You might be surprised to learn the types of risks being taken when we don’t get enough exercise or have little physical activity. Or, how a high-fat, high cholesterol diet can knock years off our lives by damaging our heart. Holistically, there are alternatives to use essential oils and herbs, and crystal therapy.

Have Less Anxiety and Stress

When we’re stressed out and anxious, it might feel good to stuff our worries down with a piece of cake or a Netflix movie marathon. It’s easy. Comforting, even. But the best way to release all of that is working up a good sweat! For example, going for a run, taking a brisk walk or doing yoga is the fastest way to clear out your system and calm your mind. And respecting our minds and bodies is part of self-care, which we all need to take time out for.

Improve Your Mood

So many of us are diagnosed with depression and other mood disorders these days. Did you know that by making changes to your diet, even small ones, can improve your mood? Especially if you’re adding a daily workout of some sort. Just get your body moving! This is the perfect combination of “medicine” and the effects are long-lasting.

Set a Good Example

Whether it’s our kids, our partner, our family and friends, we all want to enjoy a long, happy life with the people with love. And you can set a solid, positive example that encourages and inspires them. Not everyone will jump on board at first (or ever), but that’s ok! But, it’s always beneficial to have a support system if a few people in your tribe join in! Either way, you can feel good knowing that you’re setting this example.

Break Bad Habits 

When we make healthy lifestyle changes, we’re sort of forced to give up the “garbage, so to speak. Bad habits such as emotional eating, smoking, and too much wine-drinking, to name a few. After a while, cravings will subside once your body goes through a healthy detox.

Of all the decisions we must make, choosing to live a healthier lifestyle is a win/win. Whatever your goals and dreams are, always remember you are in control. You decide what you want. You deserve to be healthy and happy in mind, body and spirit.