How to Avoid Muscle Pain?

Muscle pain is something that everyone has experienced in some measure at some point of time. Most run of the mill muscle pains are a result of stress or excessive physical activity and can be avoided by taking certain basic measures.

If you are someone who likes to exercise it would be a good idea to stretch your muscles a bit before commencing a workout. This will allow your muscles to gradually get used to handling additional workload, without buckling under it.

Always include a warm-up and cool down prior to and after your exercise routine. Much like a deep sea diver cannot descend or ascend in water at too rapid a pace, to allow one’s body to acclimatize to the changed pressure, any exercise, especially an intense one calls for the same kind of care and caution.

The process of regular exercise itself tones the muscles to cope with strain and stress. Weak and flabby muscles tend to injure quite easily. It makes sense to keep oneself sufficiently hydrated at a time, when one is engaged in intense physical activity. People with a desk job need to get up every hour or so and stretch their muscles to prevent them from becoming sore.

This is also true of those whose nature of work puts inordinate stress on their muscles.

Take the case of professional athletes of long distance lorry drivers.There are a number of other scientifically proven ways of forestalling muscle plain.

  • Eating tart cherries rich in antioxidant compounds in the run up to something like a marathon has been scientifically proven to prevent muscle stiffness.
  • Drinking coffee which is rich in caffeine also helps prevent muscle soreness.
  • A massage too helps prevent muscle pain from occurring if given after a workout. It helps by promoting tissue regeneration and lessening the extent of fibrosis.
  • Consistent yoga practice too aids in preventing muscle pain. Unlike conventional western forms of exercise Yoga is gentler on the muscles and the fact that yoga exercises often involves stretching augurs well for the human body. Being mindful of the fact that muscle tissues forever remain vulnerable to injury due to misuse can help prevent that from happening.

Taking care of the muscles that make up your body is much like taking care of an automobile. Just like you need to service and tune an automobile to keep it in fine fettle, so it is with muscles. You need to stretch them and prepare them for performance. Again like an automobile, disuse is bad for muscles. An automobile which hasn’t been used for a while will have its battery get discharged. Likewise muscles that don’t see much use become flabby and weak.

Human muscles are a wonderful gift of nature in that they provide us with flexibility, nimbleness and indeed grace. Imagine what we would be like if we had no muscles-all brittle bones not able to accomplish much.

It is up to us to nurture and take care of this great gift and make it work for us in the most efficient and optimal way possible.

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