Prevention is better than cure

It really is a no brainer to understand that prevention is better than cure for the simple reason that there is no knowing whether one will be able to cure the diseases that one gets afflicted with. Alzheimer’s is such a debilitating disease that has no cure.

One can however try and prevent it by making certain changes to one’s lifestyle.That is actually true of a host of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart related problems. Prevention makes sense from an economic point of view as well. Not only does prevention cost less than cure does, it also does not require one to take time off work, as curing a disease with treatment often does.

This is the reason why healthcare practitioners, governments and voluntary groups advocate preventive measures like moderate eating, plenty of exercise, leading an active social life and distressing with activities like meditation and yoga. Other than that one can abjure smoking and drinking, keep away from narcotic substances and go for regular medical checkups.

There is a very large number of diseases that are eminently preventable with the help of the lifestyle choices that we make. These include diseases like emphysema and lung cancer that can be the consequence of smoking and cirrhosis of the liver that is caused by excessive drinking.The pharmaceutical majors of the world would like nothing better than have the people of the world fall ill and buy their medicines and make them billions. But the impact of these chemically made drugs doesn’t do anyone too much good over the long run. That is not to say that these drugs are not required or can’t be useful, but they can’t be made a way of life for sure.That being stated, you have got to understand that as creatures of nature, we live best when we are in sync with nature and do not subvert it.

That is as true of our physical selves, as it is of our mental and spiritual selves. None of us are immortal of course, but we can substantially improve the quality of our lives to the extent that we live full lives till the very end of our times.There are yogis in India who live up to ripe old ages. Then there are all those communities who live in the so called blue zones of the world who live to their nineties and beyond. None of these people do that with the help of modern western medicine, but by leading the simplest of lives happily-eating simple food, not working in a manner that would stress them or cause them to worry.

Besides such people have great family and social lives as well.Such people have cracked the code of being able to live a life where diseases hardly touch them for the simple reason that they prevent the diseases from occurring.

That is something we can aspire to as well and should actually try and emulate, as far as possible.

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