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Class Reservation

Class reservation/booking can be made in advance of the class scheduled date. You can make your reservation via phone or online, Class reservation will  be closed 3 hours before the start of the class.

Booking FAQs

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. From our website select ‘Class Schedule’ widget from the left side of the screen or select Classes menu > Class Schedule
  2. From the Class Schedule screen you will find ‘My Account’ section, select that and it will prompt you to Login or Create a new account.
  3. Follow the steps until you complete the creation of your account.


Class Schedule:

There are two (2) ways to Sign up for a class:

  1. via our Website from the list of schedules select the class you want to join at your own pace.
  2. via YogaUP mobile application, after downloading and installing the app on your phone, login or create you account, and you can start signing up for classes.
YogaUP Mobile application is Free and available for Apple and Android phone users:

For Apple users:  Open App Store, search for YogaUP and download and install application

For Android users: Open Play Store, search for YogaUP and download and install application

Note: We strictly follow our Cancellation Policy .

There are two (2) ways to make class cancellation:

  1. via our Website, login to your account and from your account information you will see all reserved class and ‘Cancel class’ button should be available.
  2. via YogaUP mobile application, login to your account and ‘Cancel class’ button should be available.
We have a 12 Hour Standard Cancellation Policy for all our classes that runs before 12Noon or Morning classes

While the other classes 12PM onwards have a 3 Hour Standard Cancellation Policy.

All cancelations to existing registration or pre-booked yoga class must be made in accordingly and based to the above mentioned hours of Standard Cancellation Policy above, prior to the start of class time or you will incur a charge.

Late Cancellation/No Show – We understand sometimes an unexpected absence can occur. Every member is allotted 2 grace occurrence within two (2) months of late canceling a reservation in less than 12 hours of Morning class time and or 3 hours of Afternoon class time, however if reached 3 cancellations within two (2) months a $150 fee will be charged.

Please see: Studio Policy

Our online booking system will only allow overlap booking if you are already booked in a waitlist of a class while you book a confirmed class on top of it. However, the waitlist class will be cancelled automatically when the class is available as the system recognises you have got a confirmed class already.

Therefore please monitor your waitlist booking  via email as we send notification from time to time and cancel the overlapped confirmed class if your first priority is the waitlisted class.