Health and Wellness

Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities begins with the immortal lines, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” That aptly describes the global healthcare scenario these days. On the one hand people are more aware than ever before about the importance of eating right and exercising and on the [...]

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Ways to Detox Your Body

  If you’ve been wanting to detox your body, we’ve got some great (alternate) ideas how to do it without fasting or juice diets. You can detox by doing small things each day! Like getting enough rest, cleansing and nourishing your body from the inside out. Here are several detox methods to implement into [...]

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Benefits of Yoga for a High-Stress & Busy Lifestyle

The typical lifestyles of today’s women are very high-stress and extremely busy. Whether we’re career-oriented, moms, care-takers, household managers, or all of the above! Usually this means that we neglect ourselves and our health. And that includes neglecting time for us to have an exercise routine. This is where yoga comes in!! It doesn’t [...]

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