Christmas Gift Card

Looking for the perfect present for a loved one or a friend, or maybe looking to inspire a someone to start their practice? Give them the gift of Yoga, Purchase our 1 Week Unlimited Christmas gift card for only $290 and they can surely enjoy a full week of Unlimited yoga with our 45 classes [...]

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Power of Pranayama

A close disciple of South India’s Yoga Guru Dr. Asana Andiappan, He is an experienced Yoga Master for number of years, Yogesh specializes in Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy. With his teaching method that are rooted in simplicity and directness which makes it easy to build a strong foundation for everyone’s practice. [...]

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Meet our Instructors

ChauKei Ngai Founding Director ChauKei (pronounced chow kay) was born without breath, and yoga gave it back to her. Born in Hong Kong two months early and weighing only four pounds, her lungs weren’t ready for the world. A mechanical ventilator and extra oxygen kept her alive for her first thirty days. [...]

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Posture Technique Workshop w/ Esak Garcia

About the Workshop: - Explore the Hot Yoga Sequence of 26&2 - Examine how it lays the foundation for practising many additional poses - Introduction of Additional Postures and Skills into your Hot Yoga Practice at a Moderate & Accessible pace - With a Focus on Posture technique. Schedule: August 18th, 2018 (Saturday) 2pm [...]

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5hr Backbending Workshop with ChauKei Ngai

When we do backbends, for example, we’re bringing our body to an unfamiliar and foreign place, which can be overwhelming. And it takes courage to connect to our backbends. But, how are we supposed to be open to something that we don’t understand? Let alone be courageous. Through understanding, (and connecting to), the essence [...]

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