Whether you’re a first, second, or third (or more!) time mum-to-be, you can expect this pregnancy to be unique, special in its own way, and with its own set of challenges.

Each pregnancy and a baby presents a new dimension to your family and your relationship with your partner.
As a partner, you may want to help however you aren’t sure what is the best way to do so. And as a mum-to-be sometimes it’s not always easy to communicate what we want or need.

Come and join Nicola and Anri our two experienced prenatal yoga teachers who are also DB mums who will be sharing their experience of their journey as mothers.

Pregnancy can be a time of deep connection and bonding between partners.
This relaxed workshop for couples is designed to provide you with the skills to support mum-to-be as she transitions through pregnancy and into motherhood. Enjoy some sweet time together learning some gentle stretching and partner work.

When: Saturday, October 19th, 2019 – 10:30am – 12pm
Registration fee: $600 per couple

Accepting payments via Cash/Credit (Visa/Mastercard/Bank Transfer and Cheque.

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