Studio Policy:

For all packages/Monthly Unlimited or Class Cards – Please be informed that these are nontransferrable and non shareable.

Our Online bookings opens at 7am and with 3 days ahead schedule available or reservation.

Pre-booking or registration of a yoga class is strongly recommended. Because our studio offers a uniquely personalized experience, limited to 14 up to 16 students/class, by registering in advance for all classes you can guarantee yourself a spot to practice.

In the event that there are 3 or less students registered for a certain yoga class (12hours – Morning Classes or 3Hours Afternoon classes) prior to the class start time, class will automatically be cancelled.

We open the studio 15minutes before the start of the class, thus students can arrive early to settle in, relax and make preparation.

5 minutes after the class started, No late arrivals shall be accommodated for those with reservation to join the class, thus the reserved slot/s will be given to students that are currently on the waitlist.

Standard Cancellation Policy

For Morning Classes – Cancel anytime 12 Hours before the start of the Class

For Afternoon Classes – Cancel anytime 3 Hours before the start of the Class

All cancellations to existing registration or pre-booked yoga class must be made in accordingly and based on the above mentioned hours of Standard Cancellation Policy above.

Late Cancellation and No Show will result to the account being Temporarily suspended for all Online bookings if reached three (3) occurrence and if you wish to proceed your booking you must call us and we will assist you.

For All Unlimited Packages –  Intro 21 Days Unlimited, 1 Month, 3 Months and 12 Months Unlimited if reached 3 Occurrences will result to being Temporarily Suspended for 2 Weeks for Online Reservation. (YogaUP App, Mindbody App and Website)

For 10 Class Card – Every Late Cancellation and or No Show will automatically deduct from the class card, (1 Late Cancellation/No Show = 1 deduction from the Card).

Class Cancelation during inclement weather – typhoon or Black Rain: 


  • Warning is raised during Non- Opening hours :  Studio will remain closed & will open 2 hours after the warning signal is leveled down.
  • Warning is lowered on of after 5pm: Studio will remain close for the entire day.

T8 Signal or Above

  • If T8 Signal or above is hoisted during Opening hours (7am) : Studio will close 30minutes after the warning signal is hoisted, and will re-open in 2 hours if the signal is lowered before 5pm.
  • For Black rain – Studio will remain open if the warning signal is hoisted during Opening hours.

Weekend & Public Holidays:

  • T8 Signal or Above hoisted during opening hours: Studio will close 30minutes after the warning signal is hoisted, and will re-open in 2 hours if the warning signal is lowered before 5pm

Private/Semi Private Classes

A 12 Hour Cancellation Policy applies to both Private and Semi Private Yoga Classes, failure to make a cancellation 12 hours prior the start of the class is subject to a Private/Semi Private Late Cancel/No Show Fee of the full price.

Unlimited package


  • You may suspend your Agreement for a maximum of twelve (12) months if you are pregnant, or for the maximum of three (3) months in any period of twelve (12) months for any other reason. The minimum suspension period is one (1) month. You are allowed to suspend your Agreement twice with any one (1) year.
  • All non-pregnancy or non-medical suspensions will be charged HK$150 per month.
  • If you have a Monthly Committed Auto-pay or Prepaid Package, the package expiry date will be extended by the number of month(s) suspended.
  • You must give at leasts ten (10) days’ notice prior to your next scheduled auto pay date for your suspension to be effective.
  • No backdated suspensions are allowed.

If you hold a Monthly Committed Autopay Package, you may not terminate your  Account Agreement until the full minimum term has expired.  After such time you may terminate your Agreement by completing a Termination Form at our studio on or before:

  • the 5th day of the month if your Autopay date is on the 1st day of each month;
  • the 20th day of the month if your Autopay date is on the 1st day of each month;

Your Agreement will then expire one (1) month after the following 1st or 16th bill cycle.  If we have not received your termination request in writing, your Agreement will automatically continue after the minimum term period by billing you via Autopay each month.

  • If you hold a Prepaid Package, you may not terminate your Agreement within the Prepaid Period.
  • If you hold a Yoga Class Package, you cannot cancel your Agreement in respect of such package.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if your request to terminate is given after the dates indicated in Clause 1 above, you will be charged one (1) month’s non-refundable Monthly Fee, and your rights and privileges under your Agreement shall expire two (2) months after the last Autopay deduction.

Refund Policy

Any packages, memberships, retreats, workshops, special classes/events and outdoor classes paid are non-refundable.

Workshop Retreat and Special Courses

Upon enrollment of any YogaUP’s Event (Workshops, retreat and special courses) you are agreeing that cancellation 14 days prior the said event or workshop is 50% Refund Only, and that there shall be No Refund for cancelling enrollment less than 14 days prior the Workshop.