An organic diet might sound like it would be too expensive but consider how much a healthier body is worth. There are ways to eat cleaner without breaking the bank. With a bit of planning and strategy, anyone can eat organic food on a tight budget. Now that summer is here, there are so many more fruits and veggies in season! And that means they’re more affordable. Stock up as much as you can and
No one quite knows exactly when meditation became a thing, although there have been numerous studies for decades on its benefits for health and wellness. We do know, however, that meditating is an ancient practice with a history dating back thousands of years. Its popularity has been steadily growing, and, if you’re new to it or even slightly interested, you’ll want to read ahead and find out why meditation should be a priority in your
Summer is practically everyone’s favourite season. We get caught up with the excitement of a beautiful, sunny day and the thought of an afternoon at the beach or going for a hike. Ahh, to be outdoors again! It’s easy to forget that we need a daily summer skincare routine to prevent sun damage. If you’re not sure where to start, we have some useful, simple tips to get you going. Stay hydrated. This is the number
Having and maintaining healthy bones should be high on your priority list, as our bone health can decline quickly with age. Losing bone mass (osteoporosis) and having bones that break easily are two major concerns that you can help prevent. Eating certain foods will give you stronger bones, bone mass and density. There are also other ways to maintain bone health, like exercising regularly and maintaining the ideal weight for your body type. Although, the
Most kids are picky eaters, and it can be frustrating to manage a healthier diet for them when grabbing fast food is so easy. It’s a quick meal they won’t protest! Or when mornings are hectic, having a breakfast pastry on-the-go is better than no breakfast at all. But, having healthier choices available for kids will help maintain their ideal weight, prevent health problems, and support their overall growth. It’s a process, but we have