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Healthy heart
We care about keeping our hearts healthy and ticking for a long time! And, we want the same for each of you, too. In case you need a reminder, or some suggestions, of what to put on your grocery list, we’ve put together some of the top foods and snacks to help. Fatty Fish Healthy heart maintenance includes adding fatty fish to your diet. These all have omega-3 fatty acids and are great sources of
Most everyone sets a goal at some point to eat healthier and exercise more often. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a special occasion (weddings, vacations, reunions), the intention is there. Sometimes our goals and intentions end up being short-lived and we fall right back into bad habits. If you’ve been wanting to make positive changes to your overall health, we hope the information and tips below can help you get started! Learn About
Oh, Sugar. A lot of us are quite addicted to your sweetness. You’re almost like a drug. (Actually, sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and studies have shown that too much of it has been linked with higher risks of cancer and Alzheimer’s.) How can you tell if you’re genuinely a sugar addict? For example, emotional eating, hiding sweets, eating them only when you’re alone, or feeling guilty afterwards are just a few of the
It’s possible to maintain high energy levels and a positive mood throughout rainy days. Even if it seems the rain is endless, and you feel like the sun has disappeared for eternity. And while it’s never a bad idea to have a “stir crazy” indoor dance party, here are my top 5 rainy day tips that will keep you energetic, healthy and happy! Take Your Vitamins Your body always needs Vitamin D and Vitamin C,
An organic diet might sound like it would be too expensive but consider how much a healthier body is worth. There are ways to eat cleaner without breaking the bank. With a bit of planning and strategy, anyone can eat organic food on a tight budget. Now that summer is here, there are so many more fruits and veggies in season! And that means they’re more affordable. Stock up as much as you can and