Strong is the new skinny… Yoga is amazing in so many ways, including the way it makes you feel STRONG. Holding plank pose, chair pose or a Warrior II is challenging – you feel your muscles working (ok, sometimes burning!) and often you feel like just getting out of the pose. But if you stay, that’s where the real magic of yoga starts to come into play. When you feel like just giving up, tell
With my innermost heart, I honor to my mother and all the mothers on earth. You grounded with your divinity, tirelessly offer your nature gift to your child. Your motherly smile melt away the worried little mind. Your honest and unspoken love, blossoms like a lotus, you making the ordinary come alive. You demonstrate kindness is the only rule to humankind. Thank you for showing me how to cry, and showing me what is Divine.
Look, Kids love it too!   What you need: Manson jar Sprouting strainer lid or cheese cloth with rubber band Alfalfa seeds Water And most importantly  patience and excitement! Direction: Soak the alfalfa seeds 2-6 hours Pour out the water, rinse off, and place your jar in 45 degrees so the water drains well. You want to keep your seeds wet but avoid let all the seeds sit and clump together on the lid/cheesecloth, let
People often ask me how do I stay flexible, what do I eat, what do I do? Here you are! An alkaline body is a flexible body. Pack yourself with an alkaline diet: fresh fruits and dark leafy greens, legumes, unsalted nuts. Raw apple cider vinegar and green tea are highly alkaline for my body. Stay away from any form of sugar, red meat and dairy products. These foods cause an inflammatory response that contributes to