Standing Head to Knee is physically challenging posture and requires consistent practice to achieve its full expression. The effort, however,provides great benefits on the emotional and spiritual levels. It helps build patience and determination. unifies mind and body, as well as improving confidence and self-worth. STEP I Refocus. Suck your stomach, round forward and grab the ball of your foot with a strong interlaced grip.  Balance on the standing leg with locked knee. To ensure
These are the common questions that we ask ourselves before we even started to take the first step and get the courage to practicing Yoga. We’ve listed down the 2 most common questions about Weight loss that lots of first timers do have in mind. We do hope you find them relevant. Can you lose weight by practicing yoga? No doubt, this is on top our list – who doesn’t want to burn those fats and
Give this homemade fresh creamy raw almond milk to the one you love.  It’s packed with vital nutrients which the bodies love. Almond milk itself has naturally nutty flavor.  I start my breakfast with a glass of this creamy raw almond milk, instead of cow’s milk which has sky high hormones. Did you know that 70% of commercial cow’s milk is milked while the cows are pregnant? Can you imagine the estrogen level in those cow’s
Strong is the new skinny… Yoga is amazing in so many ways, including the way it makes you feel STRONG. Holding plank pose, chair pose or a Warrior II is challenging – you feel your muscles working (ok, sometimes burning!) and often you feel like just getting out of the pose. But if you stay, that’s where the real magic of yoga starts to come into play. When you feel like just giving up, tell
With my innermost heart, I honor to my mother and all the mothers on earth. You grounded with your divinity, tirelessly offer your nature gift to your child. Your motherly smile melt away the worried little mind. Your honest and unspoken love, blossoms like a lotus, you making the ordinary come alive. You demonstrate kindness is the only rule to humankind. Thank you for showing me how to cry, and showing me what is Divine.