At first glance, detoxifying your body by undergoing a juice cleanse may seem a bit scary or daunting. Just by thinking to be taking only nutrients through fluids and abstaining from the actual substance of food is indeed challenging. But did you know that Undergoing a juice cleanse will definitely test your discipline, your diligence and your mental fortitude to maintain this diet and  the gains you make will truly be worth it.

Before thinking of Backing out, here are top 10 things that you didn’t know about Juice Cleansing!

1. Boosts energy – Many of those who successfully undergo a juice cleanse report feeling an increase in energy after a cleanse. This is due to elimination of toxins that damper your energy levels such as sugars, saturated fats and trans fat. In a cleanse, the sugars and fats are replaced with various nutrients that provide you with natural energy. These nutrients vary depending on the cleanse of choice. Being more hydrated, as cleanses consist of an increase of water intake, could also be attributed to the boost in energy.

2. It helps to Improve skin – Are you suffering from Acne and wishes it would never come back? then enjoy this benefit of Juice Cleansing as it detoxifying our bodies and flushing out toxins that can cause blemishes. Additionally, the rush of vitamins in the juices play a role in stimulating the growth of new skin cells, preventing and curing dark spots on the skin, and producing collagen, which helps boost skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles!

3.Better Sleep – Who wouldn’t want a better and satisfying sleep, The influx of vitamins and minerals in juices can improve the length and quality of your sleep. Allowing your body to flush out stimulants such as caffeine will also help get your sleep cycle back on track!

4.Helps the stomach remove toxins  – Stomach acid typically assists with the removal of toxins that may be ingested during regular food intake. Since cleanses are liquids, low amount of acid are required for digestive processing, which allows stomach acid to “stock up,” preparing the body to be prepared once you do begin to regularly ingest.

5. Clearer thinking – Sugar and fat-filled foods can leave you feeling lethargic, make you prone to a sedentary lifestyle. and can alter your thinking process. You will begin to know the true meaning of “mind over matter” as you focus on maintaining the cleanse. In the long run, meditation is proven to help increase concentration abilities.

6.Hydration- Since a lot of us drink diuretics such as coffee or tea, or sugar-filled sodas as our main beverages, our bodies are not properly hydrated. Drinking juices instead can help to rehydrate the body and improve body function and increase energy naturally.

7. Weight Loss – Since you will be consuming all of your calories in liquid form, doing a cleanse is a great way to jumpstart weight loss and get your body rid of all the harmful toxins that can cause excess weight gain.

8. Healthier Hair – When juicing your hair is able to grow uninhibited by internal toxins. It won’t be long before you see and feel the difference in the quality of your hair.

9. Stronger immune system – Going on a detox will free up your organs, enabling them to function more properly and more efficiently than when they are bogged down with an excess of unnecessary nutrients. Freeing up your organs boosts your immune system because it allows you to absorb nutrients properly, making your body’s immune system stronger.

10. Promotes choosing eating in moderation – Last but never the least! Juice cleansing helps eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten, alcohol and coffee from your daily diet. Though many of these foods provide nutrients (calcium, fiber, to name a few) are necessary to maintain a healthy body, an excess amount can be harmful. Your appetite and palate will naturally want to eat these foods in moderation.

How’s that for the full blast benefit! Thinking about your first step, take it gradually better to take one step a time, you don’t want your body to surprise your body!

Try the 3 – Day Juice Cleansing with All the Juices that you need and full support from ChauKei Ngai A Yoga World Champion and a Certified Health Councillor you will be guided and will be provided a full support you require to successfully finish Juice Cleansing!

More info about the Juice Cleanse click here

Challenge yourself, see how far you can go! Know your bodies limit and work on it cause you and your body can do more!

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About the writer:  Chaukei Ngai

I was born in Hong Kong, two months premature and because my lungs were not developed enough to breath on my own, I was put on a ventilator. My whole young life, I always felt like I was struggling just to catch my breath, and many took many trips to the hospital in order to get oxygen. This went on till I was in my 20’s. Then, when I was student at York University in Toronto, I went to my first yoga class and my life completely changed. I’ve never looked back. It was the first time I ever experienced a real connection to my body. I found my passion, and my calling. I found stillness. Eight short years after that Bikram’s class in Toronto, I became the International Yoga Asana Champion. And I have my beautiful son who does yoga with me. I always say that Yoga taught me how to breathe, but it’s also the fire in my life that propels me forward, both spiritually and competitively.


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