What do I need for my first class?2019-02-04T01:45:19+00:00

Please wear comfortable clothes. I would recommend shorts for men and shorts and a sports bra or a tank top for women. Please arrive about15 minutes before your first class to fill out some new student information. We provide mats and you bring a large bath sized towel to put over your mat if you’re doing hot yoga.We rent out towels.

Will I overstretch in the heat2016-01-05T10:10:16+00:00

This is a misconception. It is easier to overstretch in a cold room than it is in a hot room because your muscles and ligaments are already warmed up and have a higher range of motion in a warmer room. As long as you are being mindful of your body, never being aggressive, it is very difficult to overstretch in this class or even injure yourself.  Always focus on the alignment of postures and know that even if you aren’t going very far, as long as you have good alignment and you are doing your best, that is your posture for today.

What’s with the heat anyway?2016-01-05T10:10:10+00:00

Yoga is an intensively therapeutic practice. You are contracting, stretching your muscles, Flushing your entire body with fresh, oxygenated blood, increasing the range of motion of your joints, strengthening your bones by working against gravity and regulating your immune, lympathic and endrocrine systems, and calming your central nervous system.

The heat helps to enhance some of the benefits of yoga by warming up the muscles, and increasing circulation. The tourniquet effect (ask your teacher) becomes more effective. A benefit that comes with it too is that it can help some students who have very limited mobility get the same cardiovascular benefits as other students.

I’m too old2016-01-05T10:10:04+00:00

Nope, you are not too old, you just think you are too old.

Ok, but I haven’t exercised in forever2016-01-05T10:09:59+00:00

That’s ok too.

But I’m sooooo stiff. I can’t touch my toes!2016-01-05T10:09:54+00:00

If I had a quarter for every time someone told me they were skeptical of trying yoga because they were stiff…

It doesn’t matter if you are stiff, and plenty of people can’t touch their toes. We all begin with whatever body we have and start from there. Flexibility comes with time and practice. Not stretching isn’t going to help you develop more flexibility.

It’s my first time doing yoga! EVER!2016-01-05T10:07:56+00:00

Don’t worry. You are going to be ok. We are not scary at all. Really. We have lots of students who have never tried yoga before and this is a great place to start. We offer a beginner’s yoga class. Just remember that there is no pressure, so just try what you can during for first few classes and take as many breaks as you need to. As long as you are still and breathing, you are doing perfect yoga!