Oceanview Glamping

& wellness retreat

YogaUP is planning to host Wellness Retreats featuring overnight stay in glamping style on our 180-degree ocean view mountainside studio terrace overlooking Victoria Harbour, HK Disneyland & Discovery Bay’s remote North Beach.

About YogaUP

Our studio ambience uplifts, calms and soothes while encouraging the soul of each visitor. With a mission to elevate each other in our shared human experience, we continue to Tune UP your bodies from stagnation to strength; to Light UP your emotions and cast out darkness; to Wake UP your presence to where magic happens.


Since glamping provides a more memorable experience than staycation, and people desire a new experience, participants will consider this retreat energizing, refreshing, and a once in a lifetime experience.

Private Bathrooms

and showers

In addition to the beautiful outdoor accommodation, retreat participants will also be able to avail themselves of the studio’s 3 individual showers and bathrooms

Teepee Style

Participants will be able to choose from up to six tents positioned on a east facing terrace overlooking the South China Sea, fireworksfrom Disneyland.

Sound Healing

The retreat will include Hong Kong’sleading yoga teachers and mindfulness practitioners leading the wellness experience which will include yoga watching the sun rise /sunset over the harbour



5pm ———Arrival w/ refreshments

5:30pm —– Sunset Yoga + sound

healing/meditation (90mins)

7:30pm —– Catered Dinner

6am ———Sunrise yoga (60mins)

8am ——– Breakfast

9:30am —–Optional activities/Free Time

1pm ———BBQ Grill at YogaUP’s terrace

3:30-4pm—Closing Ceremony

*Optional Activities/Free Time

*can choose as below

No extra cost:

Hiking (with suggested route)

Visit Auberge Chapel

Visit rock pool

With extra cost:

Visit Discovery Bay Ice rank

More TBC


Per Tent*

  • Early bird $2680 (before Nov 7th),
  • Regular $2980.
  • $390 for 1 extra child

Price Included:

  • 2 ppl Welcome Refreshment
  • 2 ppl Breakfast
  • 2 ppl Lunch
  • 2 ppl Dinner
  • 2 ppl 60 mins Sunset Yoga
  • 2 ppl 30 mins Sound Healing/Meditation
  • 2 ppl 60 mins Sunrise Yoga

*Tent fits 2 adults & 1 child