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What you need:

  • Manson jar
  • Sprouting strainer lid or cheese cloth with rubber band
  • Alfalfa seeds
  • Water
  • And most importantly  patience and excitement!


  • Soak the alfalfa seeds 2-6 hours
  • Pour out the water, rinse off, and place your jar in 45 degrees so the water drains well.
  • You want to keep your seeds wet but avoid let all the seeds sit and clump together on the lid/cheesecloth, let the seeds cling all over on the jar. And leave your jar in a dark place in your kitchen.
  • Rinse out the seeds twice a day to keep it clean.
  • Watch your seeds sprouting!!!


  • Put 2 tablespoons of seeds into the jar.
  • Cover them with a few inches of cool water.
  • Cover the top of the jar with cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band.
  • Allow the seeds to soak overnight, then drain off the water.


Soak the seeds overnight. Fill the jar at least a quarter full with room-temperature water and just let the jar sit.

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Pour out the water and let the seeds sit. You want to seeds to be wet and to have access to air. Therefore, don’t let the seeds gather in clumps at the jar’s bottom. In fact, take advantage of the fact that the wet seeds want to cling to the jar’s inside surface. Roll the jar around, causing as many seeds to stick to the surface as possible, then lay the jar on its side. If the surrounding air is cooler than 70° – 80°, the seeds will grow too slowly. Warmer temperatures encourage disease organisms. If you prefer growing them under warmer conditions, then rinse at least twice a day or more. If you are not rinsing enough, you’ll smell a funky odor in the jar. At this stage it doesn’t matter whether your sprouts have light or not.



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