Meet our Instructors

ChauKei Ngai

Is the founding director of YogaUP, a Certified holistic health counselor,

with the mission of bringing people together from all culture,

ages, sizes and shapes with yoga as a tool.

Her wide range of unique skills have nurtured and motivated thousands to live a healthier lifestyle.

ChauKei graduated in Psychology in York University in Toronto, Canada,Recently moved back to Hong Kong which is one of the place she called home.

She has been teaching Yoga worldwide since 2006, In 2013 she won the prestigious International Yoga Sports Federation Championship, the worlds largest International Yoga competition, with participants from 25 different countries.

She was the first mother to become the World Yoga Champion.

Marsha Yip

Born and grown in Hong Kong, Marsha is a corporate PR well-trained to set plans and multi-task. She first started yoga as a workout for stress relief, and slowly fell in love with how yoga teaches her to slow down and do one thing at a time. She felt so grateful that yoga has found her before the darkest time in life when she faced the devastating loss of key family members. The healing power of yoga has drawn her deeply to this amazing lifelong journey.

Marsha completed her 200-hr RYT certification with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman with strong focus on alignments in Iyengar style. She is also completing another 30-hour Yin teacher training with David Kim. Her teaching style is dynamic and strong, with an aim to help students build strength and flexibility with correct postures for the maximum safety and benefits. She loves encouraging students to challenge themselves with energizing Yang sequence, while adding some Yin poses to class to create a more balanced experience.

Chun Wa Ko “Beagle”

Beagle started his yoga journey in 2012, deeply understands the benefits of yoga for the body and mind.

He completed 200hrs teacher training certifications with Yoga Master Samrat Dasgupta in 2015, after that he continued studying mindfuless yin yoga with Chris Su.

He likes to share the details which learned from the past in the class and mainly guide students to let the breath and asana connect, and gradually open the body, focusing on body, mind & spiritual balance!

Phoebe Yip

Phoebe believes yoga is suitable for everyone, healing not only their physical body but also their mind.

As a runner, she knows exactly how it feels to have a fairly inflexible body, yoga guides her to balance her body with proper breaths and movements, connecting herself to her own mind.

She teaches hot yoga in YogaUP. She describes hot yoga as bringing her a new life. Her teacher always said, “you can only change the shape of steel when it’s hot.” Not only you are practising the body alignments, you also practise the thought and stillness when you are in a difficult environment.

Leila Quites

Leila was born and raised in Brasil where she lived until 2008 when she moved to HK. She worked in Brazil for 15 years producing and selling apples worldwide, including Asia. Since she moved to HK she had a boutique in Soho for 5 years, after that she got a degree in Acupuncture at HKU.

Yoga has been in her life since her first pregnancy where she was hooked by the well being she experienced. Since then, yoga was always part of her life as well jogging and playing tennis.

In 2015 she had a hip injury and met YogaUP where she was healed by regular practice of yoga. In 2018 she had her Teacher training in Yoga up and started teaching immediately after completion. Leila has expanded her Yoga practice and teaching throughout the USA, Brazil as well as Hong Kong.

Yogesh Varun

A close disciple of South India’s Yoga Guru Dr. Asana Andiappan, Master Yogesh is an experienced, well-qualified instructor with undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas in Yoga and Naturopathy. He started practicing oga at the age of 10, and has won many yoga awards in zonal and district level competitions.

As an Experienced Yoga Master, Yogesh specializes in Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy. With a laidback and friendly disposition, Yogesh is among the centre’s most cheerful and approachable yoga master.

He also writes regular article on Yoga Therapy for Various Ailments in Asana – International Yoga Journal.

Master Yogesh is currently deputed in Hong Kong to conduct Yoga Therapy Classes. Yoga Research and Yoga Teacher Training Programs.

Gretchell Yaneza

Gretchell Yaneza is an award-winning singer-songwriter, multidisciplinary artist, holistic vocal coach, meditation teacher, Alternative Healing and Consciousness Development Facilitator.

Her life changed when she took a break from her music career and lived in remote temples as a ‘modern Buddhist nun’ to cultivate refined meditative states. Mentored by senior Monks, she became a certified meditation teacher. She is a lifelong student and a devoted practitioner who is trained and certified in various integrative wellness modalities such as Pranic Healing, Usui Reiki, Tibetan energy healing, Yoga, Pilates, Angelic Reformation, music therapy, breathwork, vocal activation, and more.

For nine years, Gretchell traveled to lead workshops in private, corporate and retreat settings for children, teenagers and adults from all walks of life. Her teaching style is known for the union of playfulness and disciplined effort necessary to succeed in the realm of personal development and higher consciousness. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner,  Gretchell is here to share practical insights to enhance your practice and help you maintain inner peace in the busy city.