Journey of Trust

Featured Instructor: ChauKei Ngai

This retreat will be a safe space for participants to be able to share and connect to another human being, especially going through this wave of uncertainty. We are all hungry for human connection, trust building and friendships. In this retreat, you will be more open to lift up one another, supporting another as your source of joy, and as you leave you should feel refreshed, and are confident to tackle the upcoming challenges and emotional instability that might come at you.

Each Retreat Package Includes:

3 x 90 mins yoga sessions  

1 wellness and therapy workshops

2 nights accommodation in one of Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong’s exclusive rooms

2 healthy Breakfast Buffets at Café bord de Mer & Lounge each day

1 refreshing light lunch

1 sumptuous dinner at Café bord de Mer & Lounge on Friday night

An award-winning relaxing Spa Session (at additional cost)

Your Retreat 2020 also includes wellness and therapy workshops such as Sound Healing Workshop:

Through sound vibration, a cellular massage and harmonising of brain waves, with gongs, singing bowls, voice and more, it provides a transformation from within

It not only helps heal the nervous system, it also cultivates healing brainwave states, creativity and clarity with Soundscape sessions. 

These workshops can be very effective in boosting creativity and act as an expression through vocal activation, eventually releasing stress and negativity. 

From now until 14 Oct 2020, secure your spot with a HKD$1,000 discount with IRIS’ exclusive discount code 


(Discount applicable to all retreats). 

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