This summer join us at YogaUP every Saturday

for a different exploration into dance and movement.

Let’s explore what it’s like to move outside the four corners of the mat. We have some wonderful movement teachers coming to guide you to discover your unique way of expression through the body. Our bodies are instruments of expression, full of wisdom and inner knowing.

Allowing our bodies to freely move helps us release tension and stuck emotions, it allows us to express what is present in us,

and most importantly – it feels GOOD! 

We invite you to step off your mat and find your authentic flow!

Join us for all four workshops, or drop into just one.

All workshops are suitable for beginners. No previous dance experience necessary.

Come in comfortable clothing to move. 

What’s the workshop about, read below:

  • July 11th – Dance as Play 
  • July 18th – 5 Rhythms 
  • July 25th – Conscious Dance
  • August 1st – Rhythm and Dance
July 11th – Dance as Play 

Dance as Play with Rachelle Conradie

What happens when we approach dance with the playful curiosity of a child? 

We relax and rediscover our bodies as a treasure chest of movement possibilities. 

Variety in our movement choices, can in fact be as nourishing to our nervous system as food group variety is to our diet. 

We tend to use our bodies in repeated patterns of movement, and perceive these predictable movements as safe. Even in our yoga practices we become accustomed to the same asanas and flows that we practice. Exploring new ways of moving, expands not just our physical capabilities, but our mental capabilities too. In challenging times we need skills to help our nervous system adapt more easily to changes, build our resilience and improve our ability to find creative solutions. 

 In this playshop, let’s hop off the predefined four corners of the mat and free our bodies to rediscover our possibilities through playfulness. After an exploration of movement possibilities through play, games and sounding, we will transition into a facilitated movement journey, carefully crafted and supported by an expansive choice of music and expressive movement modalities.

Dance your dance, reconnect to joy and do bring along a sense of humor!

More about Rachelle:

July 18th – 5 Rhythms 

5 Rhythms With Sudevi Sundari 

Moving meditation guided by music.By exploring natural movement inspired by 5 distinct musical rhythms,

we journey into the experience of body, mind, and heart and expand into greater awareness of ourselves and freedom of expression.

Each rhythm calls forth another aspect of ourself. In flowing, we experience our natural ease and gracefulness. In staccato, we call forth our strength of will and direction. In chaos, we enjoy the freedom from structure. In lyrical, we rediscover playfulness.

In stillness, we connect with our inherent peace and connectedness.

More info about the teacher:

July 25th – Conscious Dance

Conscious Dance With Flo and Thomas Vinton 

We dance to be. Dancing is an act of presence.We feel our body. We express our emotions through shapes evolving, transforming to give way to our essence.  

From there, magic happens. Openings and connections present themselves on the dance floor and we dance fully with one another. 

The creative musical soundscape supports a curious mind, an expressive body and a soulful artist. We become the choreographer of our own dance, the artist of our canvas. Let’s inspire each other in the circle of muses on July 25!

More info about the teachers:

August 1st – Rhythm and Dance

Rhythm and Dance With Kumi Masunaga

Relax, revitalize, and re-create yourself through RHYTHM. Welcome to the fun-filled journey of music and connections.

This workshop is designed to inspire creativity, reduce stress and activate more joy while strengthening your immune system. No prior music or dance experience necessary. Absolute beginners are welcome.

You’ll be making music with your hands, feet and whole body. If you have a hand drum or percussion instrument, you are welcome to bring them. About the facilitator, click here. Words from participants:”Feeling open hearted and happy after the session. Kumi with her enthusiasm and teaching skills, brings out the player in us all.” “It helped me to open up, be uplifted and to find deep freedom within; a whole new experience for me!”

More info about the teacher:

Registration fee

  • $480 Per Workshop (click on your desired workshop above)
  • $1,580 for the full 4 Workshops