Today, I had an amazing meal. If you have not yet done yourself the favor of experiencing the Revitalizing Menu at the Upper House, please put yourself in Chef Gray Kunz’s capable hands. You can thank me later. When I first became acquainted with Café Gray Deluxe, it was because of its position as an iconic culinary fixture in the city; they were even one of the first restaurants in Hong Kong to begin serving sustainable seafood. And so, when they announce earlier this summer that they were making a vegan-vegetarian centric organic menu, I knew I would have to make it a point to visit. In this bustling city, finding this kind of food quality is not as readily available as some would like. Taking a passionate interest in food sustainability and empowering a more plant-centered palate in Asia is becoming more cutting edge, and will only continue to grow. 


I’m so encouraged to see how Chef Gray Kunz is aiming to create a food community where we can really trust each other again, that who’s preparing our meals actually have out best interests at heart. The Revitalising Menu has only been available since June, but if you’re looking for some beautiful, organic, gluten free, vegan fare, you’re in luck: this is going to be a regular feature on the menu and will shift with the seasons. Chef Gray has made it a point to cater to those with craving wholesome-flavors, as well as those who are seeking a cleaner way to eat out of the home, due to allergies and as this need has risen exponentially, it’s exciting to see who’s stepping up to offer amazing, healthy, and sustainable fare.

As I sat down to my Organic Tomato Crudo and Candied Kelp, Whole-Roasted Cauliflower with Spiced Dukkah, Lemon Coulis and Buckwheat, I was reminded how wonderful vegetables can really taste. The tomatoes were perfect ripened, juicy and full of that kiss of sunshine that good tomatoes have. The Whole roasted cauliflower was a stunning, earthy combination, with its bed of plump pearls of buckweat paired with the lemon coulis and the sesame in the dukkah: such a luscious dish, homey and warming. 

I highly recommend taking their advice and trying the Organic Bitter Chocolate and Coconut  with Seasonal Berries. I’m not always a chocolate kind of person, but I could hardly resist this creamy confection. It’s a classic pairing: chocolate-coconut, but somehow this felt fresh and exciting, the combinations of textures was elegant and even understated in a way. Everything about it felt like it snuck up on me, and even later that evening, I wanted just one more bite.

The Revitalising Menu caters to the lactose intolerant, diabetic, gluten-free, vegan-vegetarian, religion based and medical restrictions, and the food is fantastic, so no need to compromise. Whatever your dinner guests may need or desire, when it comes to special dietary preferences,

Chef Gray Kunz has taken out all the guess work.

About the writer:  Chaukei Ngai

I was born in Hong Kong, two months premature and because my lungs were not developed enough to breath on my own, I was put on a ventilator. My whole young life, I always felt like I was struggling just to catch my breath, and many took many trips to the hospital in order to get oxygen. This went on till I was in my 20’s. Then, when I was student at York University in Toronto, I went to my first yoga class and my life completely changed. I’ve never looked back. It was the first time I ever experienced a real connection to my body. I found my passion, and my calling. I found stillness. Eight short years after that Bikram’s class in Toronto, I became the International Yoga Asana Champion. And I have my beautiful son who does yoga with me. I always say that Yoga taught me how to breathe, but it’s also the fire in my life that propels me forward, both spiritually and competitively.


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