Annie Ryland

“…my 40 degrees scoliosis is now getting better…My BMI, and my cholesterol are all good now, its normalized, and then the doctor said Whatever your doing, your doing it right”, “and then I said, I did nothing – I just do Hot Yoga”



Martyna Jutronic

“…I feel like  I have so much more energy & strength and it improves the quality of life overall”


“I fell in love with Yoga, cause its a perfect balance”…”I feel good physically, I feel so much stronger, stronger than I have ever been”



Aggi Berg

“…I love Yoga especially in this Studio, cause I feel very cared of on doing everything right…”

“I feel I have meditated…”

“Yes! I am in better connection to my body”

Kavita Alva

“I absolutely loved the 21 days unlimited package and will definitely recommend it to my friends, in fact I already have. I think the fact that it is unlimited, gives you the chance to try various forms of yoga and then find out what is most suited to you. Also it gives you the option of doing more than one class a day to deepen your practice .”

Tammy K.

” the 21 days Intro package is a good start for anyone beginning yoga or in my case returning to yoga after a few years. I have done yoga on and off though but not as regularly as I’ve done in the past three weeks at YogaUP, I’ve enjoyed all the yoga classes although have yet to try Vinyasa. I’ve enjoyed all the instructors too and would love to try one of Esak’s Hot yoga classes. I missed his this past Saturday as I had an unexpected change in arrangements.”

Andy Lin


“Hong Kong is a very hectic city to live in, in order to create a balance life, a short getaway is definitely a good choice. You may immediately think of Taipei or Thailand…these are the favourites getaway place from hker.”




“But what if you only got two days one night because of matching schedules of your group of friends, that’s why I chose my getaway in discovery bay. Nice hotel with an amazing view and facilities, good restaurants and last but not least a place where you can practise yoga, to create the balance of yourself both physically and mentally.  It’s a great getaway with my friends in Hong Kong and definitely worth a try!”

Ronnie Popp

“There are a lot of benefits of practicing yoga. First visible impact is the physical heath. I have got fitter since I started practicing yoga at YogaUp – especially since March when I started going to YogaUp 5-6 times a week. It has also helped me to improve the strength, flexibility and endurance (very complimentary for running). Practicing yoga also helps me start my day the right way as I often attend the 9am class and I feel so energetic after the class. During yoga class, I have to concentrate on my breathing and poses and I would forget about everything else – so yoga helps me clear my mind which is very hard to do in the hustling bustling Hong Kong and in the social media age. I treasure those 60 / 90 minutes totally devoted to myself.
I like the different classes that YogaUp offers – by different instructors in different styles. I love the hot yoga and has been “addicted” to hot class since I first attended last October. What I like most about YogaUp are, of course, the teachers. ChauKei is amazing. As a world champion, she is extraordinary in teaching the meaning of yoga, encouraging students, and demonstrating. She is also an exemplary entrepreneur running a highly demanding yoga studio with a diverse range of classes / workshops / events. All the teachers are extraordinary – the incredible champion Esak, the sweet Johanna, the attentive Chris, the caring Lynn, the smiling Rhiann, the encouraging Madeleine, and the gentle Rosalie.
Yoga has become part of my life and I am very happy to be part of YogaUp community!”