in Sanskrit is the fourth element of true love and has as its seed the wisdom of equality that removes all boundaries, discrimination and prejudices while leading to the sublime unity where there is no self and no other;

Without UPeksha, love becomes possessive.

UPeksha grows out of mindfulness. One becomes master of every situation and can take anything in stride;

UPeksha carries the ability to live unconditionally, to look over the whole situation not feel bound by one side or the other.

At YogaUP we strive to help you TuneUP through yoga, Light UP through events, and WakeUP in our creative space, all in hope we can attain UPeksha together.

We hope you will join us.

-ChauKei, Founder of YogaUP

UPeksha Lounge

DB’s new and beautiful creative space.

Chill on the terrace & lounge to self-create your experience. We provide coffee/tea/infused water.

Enjoy our teepee tent, vitamin sea & D, reading, writing, dialogue, silent movies, stretching, coloring, ocean or star gazing, journaling, photography & more.

To ensure your comfort, we limit sign up. Come anytime during the 90 mins session. You’re welcome to sign up for multiple sessions. These sessions are for our Light UP and Wake UP members. You can bring guests for $150 per person (non-member’s guest drop in for $250).




What’s included:

  • Yoga classes
  • 10% off discount to events & workshops


10 Class card————————————$2175

1 month Unlimited————————— $1870

3 Months Unlimited—-$1645/month (autopay)

6 Months Unlimited—-$1525/month (autopay)

12 Months Unlimited—$1445/month (autopay)



What’s included:

  • UPeksha – Creative Space/Lounge*
  • 10% off discount to events & workshops & yoga


3 Months Unlimited—-$800/month (autopay)


Yoga + Space

What’s included:

  • UPeksha – Creative Space/Lounge*
  • Attend yoga classes
  • 10% off discount to events & workshops


$500/month (On top of any current active LightUP package)