Strong is the new skinny…

Yoga is amazing in so many ways, including the way it makes you feel STRONG. Holding plank pose, chair pose or a Warrior II is challenging – you feel your muscles working (ok, sometimes burning!) and often you feel like just getting out of the pose.

But if you stay, that’s where the real magic of yoga starts to come into play.

When you feel like just giving up, tell yourself you’ll hold on for one more breath*. And then perhaps, you can hold it for another breath. And another.

In this way, yoga teaches us to draw on our inner reserves. To stay when things may start to feel uncomfortable and face that challenge head on. Not running away or giving up. Just staying and breathing. And by doing that, we  get stronger… not just physically stronger, but mentally too.

When we learn to do this on the yoga mat, we start to do this off the mat too. You’ll find yourself facing sticky or uncomfortable situations head on. Turning to your breath and dealing with whatever is in front of you.

And being strong is where it’s at. I remember years ago wanting to be super skinny, so I could fit in to UK size 8  jeans. I could do it for a short while, but I didn’t feel good – I was weak and had no energy.

I’ve since realised I would much rather be STONG than skinny.

Strong on the inside and out. Standing firmly on my own two feet, claiming my power and tackling whatever presents itself to me with ease and with confidence.

Now THAT is so much better than just fitting into size 8 jeans, wouldn’t you agree?

Try out this core strength video for my top three favourite poses for the core and get ready to get strong!

* Please note, if anything hurts or doesn’t feel right, then you should immediately come out of the pose. I am not referring to anything feeling painful, just a sensation of your muscles working.


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Rosalie e’Silva

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Rosalie is a Strala, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga Nidra instructor. Born in Namibia, she grew up all over the world and is a firm believer that life is whatever you make it… continue reading

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