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YogaUP is an eco-chic Yoga & Wellness studio located in the heart of Discovery Bay (Hong Kong). The studio offers 3650 sq.ft. of stunning facilities (2850 s.f. indoor & 800 s.f. spacious terrace), with a spectacular 180-degree unobstructed view and life-giving energy of the majestic mountains and pristine ocean. The perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy yoga poses!

The uplifting and relaxed ambience of the studio creates an inviting space for yogis of all fitness levels to engage in mindful yoga practices, including our signature Detox Hot Yoga class (the popular Bikram Yoga), practiced in an infra-red equipped heated room.

We also encourage our students to stay after their class to uplift all their senses: to meditate or read their favorite magazine in our spacious terraces, or enjoying a refreshing fruit-infused water in our comfy lounge while gazing at the sea, from sunrise to stunning sunset!

YogaUp and its Director ChauKei Ngai (the first mother to become World Yoga Champion!) have been honored with prestigious awards and celebrated as one of the Best Yoga Studio in Hong-Kong by Tatler Magazine, featured in Prestige Hong-Kong, AsiaSpa, Elle, ExpatLiving, among others, which made its mark as one of the leading Yoga & Wellness destinations in Hong-Kong

Our team

ChauKei Ngai
Marsha Yip
Phoebe Yip

Our Most Popular Classes

Hot 26+2

The original Bikram Yoga which is a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. Designed to work the entire body, using heat to stretch deeper, prevent injury and flush unwanted toxins. *All Levels*


A great introduction to Yoga for Beginners, provides basic understanding to practice safely and effectively. It’s benefits are Stress relief, lessen Chronic pain and more. *All Levels*

Upcoming Trainings

200HR Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Learn and deepen your Yoga knowledge and skills from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world.

50HR Hot Yoga Continuing Education

Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Deepen your knowledge on hot yoga practice.

What our student's say about our Teacher Training

"ChauKei is so knowledgeable about every different aspects of yoga world.

She uses different angles and tools guiding us and letting us explore and understand how this yoga world is. Though this is my 2nd 200 YTT, this course is refreshing me many different ideas for the theory and the practical of yoga.

Founded on a passion of yoga again. Bringing me to the next level of my yoga journey. "

— Merryn Kwong, YogaUP 200 Hour Teacher Training Course Graduate

What our student's say about our Teacher Training

I have learned that Yoga compliments my values in life, and that I will now continue to use the teachings of Yoga in all aspects of my future.

This course has taught me more about my body. Despite being very tight and restricted, I can still enjoy the asanas as far as my body will allow.

I learned to communicate with parts of my body, and that in turn, those parts of my body will respond to me.”

— Ant Baines, former Cathay Dragon Captain

What our student's say about our Teacher Training

“This course has made me realize how much I did not know about yoga.

I’ve learned that not only is yoga more about the self-discovery and exploration of one’s spirituality but that this is what yoga is grounded and founded on, only later were asanas introduced.

Mind blown.“

— Kate Josey, Social Worker

What our student's say about our Teacher Training

“This 200 HR Virtual Teacher Training course has changed the way of how I think about yoga in many ways. 

It is my pleasure to take the 200HR Yoga training with ChauKei and with all the awesome fellow trainees. Very grateful that there is a virtual course for me to take during this difficult time, it is not easy to create a Yoga training course virtually but it succeeds!

Because of this online course, I can easily take it in my hometown Macau without taking the ferry every day to Hong Kong.”

— Sharon Au Ieong, PHD student, Semi Professional Artistic Swimmer

What our student's say about our Teacher Training

"The YogaUP's virtual teacher training course gave me an overall introduction of

“what is yoga”. I have gained both textbook-learning knowledge and practical knowledge

of yoga through this course.

Prior to taking this course, yoga to me is an exercise. I used to practice yoga to keep fit and

to get into shape (toning muscles). And I used to only stick to hot classes as I thought they

are the only type of yoga that could give me the effects of a proper workout.

Since the course, I was introduced to other kinds of yoga and I have developed an

appreciation for unheated classes as I realized they are just as beneficial and challenging.

Now, yoga to me is more than just a physical exercise, the mind plays an important part too."

— Florence C.

Client's feedback

"I have learnt both physical and mental areas of knowledges in this course.

Although this course is not aa in person course to study but it is a worthy course to spend time on it.

This course is a whole new level to me, it has brought me the much needed mental clarity in this

chaotic world and taught me mindfulness.

I am thankful to all the Yoga teachers in this course, who taught me Yoga is more than a physical exercise.


— Hetiz W.

Client's feedback

"This training changed my perception a lot about yoga before this course I thought yoga was just flexibility,

but now my perspective changes, now to me Yoga is about life.

When all these things get together you can see the meaning of yoga and you can add them in your life.

I am really happy that I joined this training and looking forward to and start my teaching thank you ChauKei!"

— Ozlem D.

Client's feedback

"This training changes how I view Yoga.

It's not about how others see you, it’s not about simply doing Asana or pranayama, it’s about connecting with yourself, it’s a personal journey for everyone. It should be non- judgement, no competition,

and no matter what your chronological age is. When I step on the mat to practice

regularly, I can see how my body, mind and breath are different each day.

Another important change in my perception to be a Yoga teacher is I should teach students what they need rather than what they want. Alignment is much important than the form of yoga pose.

And we should look at an Asana as a process rather than a final product. "

— Kenix C.

Client's feedback

"The course is so student centered.

ChauKei has practiced what she preaches in this course and applied her yogic knowledge in

bite size pieces for everyone and anyone.

She makes everything so accessible to all lifestyles. The pre-recording video is super user friendly,

Its easy to navigate, its clear what each video is talking about and they stay on topic!

I can go back and find the appropriate video so easily! and not have to scan through a

2 hour video for 20minutes of content."

— Nisi N.

Client's feedback

"YogaUP creates a genuine community in which everyone dives in and learns in positive vibes.

The content of the training covers al the fundamental knowledge every yoga teacher needs."

— Sally T.


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