About us / Location

YogaUP is an eco-chic Yoga & Wellness studio located in the heart of Discovery Bay (Hong Kong). The studio offers 3650 sq.ft. of stunning facilities (2850 s.f. indoor & 800 s.f. spacious terrace), with a spectacular 180-degree unobstructed view and life-giving energy of the majestic mountains and pristine ocean. The perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy yoga poses!

The uplifting and relaxed ambience of the studio creates an inviting space for yogis of all fitness levels to engage in mindful yoga practices, including our signature Detox Hot Yoga class (the popular Bikram Yoga), practiced in a heated room.

We also encourage our students to stay after their class to uplift all their senses: to meditate or read their favorite magazine in our spacious terraces, or enjoying a refreshing fruit-infused water in our comfy lounge while gazing at the full moon!

YogaUp and its Director ChauKei Ngai (the first mother to become World Yoga Champion!) have been honored with prestigious awards and celebrated as one of the Best Yoga Studio in Hong-Kong by Tatler Magazine, Prestige Hong-Kong, AsiaSpa, Elle, ExpatLiving, among others, which made its mark as one of the leading Yoga & Wellness destinations in Hong-Kong.


To be the #1 sanctuary of peace and wellness for DB residents and beyond, offering an intimate and supportive environment, for everyone to deeply restore mentally and recharge physically.

Community-driven, we also organize many events each year to empower and support Hong-Kong communities and charities.


To elevate each other in our shared human experience, we want to support our students to:

  • Tune UP their body, from stagnation to strength;
  • Light UP their mind and cast out dark emotions;
  • Wake UP their spirituality to where magic happens.

Come and join the YogaUP family today, and start relaxing your mind, strengthening your body and soothing your soul!