Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Certified Training


  1. 100HR Training
    • Ideal for those who’s already completed 200 hour foundational YTT or those who do not intend to teach but would like to deepen understanding of the practice of hot yoga
    • Includes:
      • In-person and on-demand videos
      • 20 hours of hot yoga class

2. 200HR Training

    • Ideal for those who did not complete 200 hour foundational YTT and intend to teach
    • Includes:
      • In-person and on-demand videos
      • 40 hours of hot yoga classes
      • 20 hours of anatomy



  • February 29 to March 21, 2024
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


  • 100HR Training
    • Regular: $14950
    • Early Bird: $12700 (until January 31st)
  • 200HR Training
    • Regular: $26500
    • Early Bird: 22600 (until January 31st)
  • First 5 people get $1500 off

Training Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses various aspects to provide you with a well-rounded education and equip you with the skills needed to become a proficient Hot Yoga instructor.


  • Basic history, philosophy & the evolution of yoga
  • Practical benefits of yoga philosophy in daily life
  • Exploration of eight kinds of Yoga
  • Understanding the eight steps of Yoga
  • Overview of the five steps of Hatha Yoga
  • Study of Bhagavad-Gita
  • Examination of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Philosophy and lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda and Bikram Choudhury


  • Hot Yoga classes
  • In-depth posture mechanics
  • Knowledge of basic asanas
  • Alignment techniques to avoid injuries
  • Understanding medical benefits
  • Developing the skill to read bodies
  • Achieving balance between body, mind, and breath


  • Use of breath as a transformative tool for self-awareness
  • Breath control techniques
  • Exploration of different breathing techniques
  • Understanding the benefits of breathwork


  • – Participation in teaching clinics
  • Techniques for addressing a group of students
  • Utilizing your own body as a teaching tool
  • Mastering voice, volume, tempo, and pacing
  • Effective correction of postures
  • Choosing the right words for instruction
  • Infusing energy, passion, confidence, and humor into teaching
  • Utilizing your presence and self-awareness as transformative teaching tools


Safety Precautions:

  • Recognizing signs of heat-related illnesses
  • Best practices for maintaining a safe and comfortable hot yoga environment
  • Precautions for students with health conditions
  • Operating and maintaining hot yoga facilities

Emergency Response:

  • CPR training and certification
  • Recognition and treatment of heat exhaustion and heat stroke
  • Techniques for assessing and stabilizing injured individuals in a hot yoga setting
  • Strategies for effective communication and coordination during emergencies

Lifting and carrying techniques

  • Safe and effective methods for carrying and transporting injured individuals in a hot yoga studio
  • Partner-based techniques for providing support and assistance in emergency situations
  • Equipment and resources for aiding in the transport of injured individuals


  • Understanding teacher guidelines & etiquette
  • Appropriate conduct inside and outside the yoga room
  • Guidance on applying for a teaching position
  • Teacher expectations and student interaction
  • Role-playing scenarios
  • Feedback sessions

Our highly experienced teaching staff is committed to developing a personalized learning path tailored to your individual needs, prior training, and teaching experience. Join us on this transformative journey to become a skilled and authentic Hot Yoga instructor.

Get to Know our Teachers

ChauKei Ngai

2013 Yoga Champion

TEDxLiverpool Speaker

YogaUP Founding Director

Warren Adams

Actor and Voice Artist

Voice and Presentation Coach

Kit Chow

Paramedic of Hong Kong

Emergency Medical Assistant II

Hong Kong Ambulance Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is hot yoga, and why is it different from other forms of yoga?
    • Hot yoga involves practicing yoga in a heated room, typically around 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit. This environment helps increase flexibility, promotes detoxification, and intensifies the yoga experience. The training will delve into the unique aspects of hot yoga and its benefits.
  2. I’m not interested in teaching, but I want to deepen my practice. Which training is right for me?
    • The 100HR Training is perfect for individuals who do not intend to teach but are passionate about deepening their understanding and practice of hot yoga.
  3. Can I enroll in the 200HR Training if I have already completed a 200-hour YTT in a different style of yoga?
    • Yes, the 200HR Training is open to individuals who have not completed a 200-hour YTT in any style of yoga.
  4. Is the 200HR Training only for those who want to become hot yoga instructors?
    • Yes, the 200HR Training is tailored for individuals who have not completed a 200-hour YTT and have the goal of becoming certified hot yoga instructors.
  5. Can I enroll in the 100HR Training if I haven’t completed a 200-hour YTT?
    • Yes, the 100HR Training is also for those who do not intend to teach but wish to deepen their understanding of hot yoga.
  6. Is the training conducted in person or virtually during the specified schedule?
    • The training includes both in-person and on-demand components. The specified schedule outlines the in-person sessions, while on-demand videos offer flexibility for self-paced learning.
  7. Can I access the training materials at my own pace with the on-demand videos?
    • Yes, participants in both the 100HR and 200HR Trainings can enjoy the flexibility of on-demand videos, allowing them to progress through the course at their own pace.
  8. Are the in-person sessions mandatory for both training options?
    • While on-demand videos provide flexibility, in-person sessions are highly recommended for a more immersive learning experience. They offer direct interaction with instructors and fellow participants.
  9. What is covered in the 20 hours of anatomy in the 200HR Training?
    • The 20 hours dedicated to anatomy in the 200HR Training will delve into the essential aspects of human anatomy relevant to hot yoga teaching. This includes understanding the mechanics of postures and how they impact the body.
  10. Can I add anatomy classes to the 100HR Training?
    • Yes, participants in the 100HR Training have the option to enhance their understanding by adding 20 hours of anatomy classes at an additional fee of $2800. This allows individuals to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of the anatomical aspects of hot yoga.