20 HR CE Backbend Workshop


Beyond the physical aspects of backbending, our workshop invites you to delve into the emotional and psychological dimensions of heart-opening postures.

Continuing Education Accreditation:

As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, our workshop offers not only an enriching experience but also the opportunity to earn 20 Continuing Education hours. These hours contribute to your professional development and demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning within the yoga community.


  • March 16 and 23, April 6 and 13, 2024
  • 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM


  • ChauKei Ngai


  • Regular: $4900
  • Early Bird: $4165 (until January 26, 2024)

Program Syllabus

This 4-week workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of backbends in yoga, from foundational poses to advanced variations. Participants will have the opportunity to practice, learn, and grow in a supportive environment. Homework assignments will encourage regular practice and integration of backbends into their yoga routine.

Week 1: Introduction to Backbends

  • Understanding the anatomy of the spine.
  • Introduction to foundational backbend poses
  • Safety tips and proper alignment for backbends.
  • Guided practice of basic backbend poses.

Week 2: Deepening Backbend Practice

  • Breath awareness and its role in backbends.
  • Exploring deeper backbend variations.
  • Partner work for support and deeper stretches.
  • Cool-down and relaxation techniques.

Week 3: Progressing in Backbends

  • Introduction to intermediate backbend poses
  • Strengthening exercises for the back and core.
  • Partner-assisted backbend practice.
  • Breath control during backbends.
  • Guided meditation on embracing the journey.

Week 4: Advanced Backbend Exploration

  • In-depth exploration of advanced backbend variations.
  • Safety precautions in deep backbend practice.
  • Building strength and flexibility for advanced backbends.
  • Breathwork techniques for backbend depth.

Program Features

Comprehensive Learning Experience:

Dive deep into the world of backbends with a well-structured program covering foundational, advanced, and therapeutic aspects.

Expert Guidance:

Led by experienced yoga instructors with a focus on alignment, safety, and personalized feedback.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits:

Earn Yoga Alliance CE units upon completion, enhancing your professional credentials.

Therapeutic Approaches:

Explore the therapeutic benefits of backbends, promoting healing and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can attend this workshop?
    • This workshop is open to yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.
  2. Do I need to have prior experience with backbends?
    • No prior experience is required. The workshop is designed to cater to participants with varying levels of experience.
  3. What should I bring to the workshop?
    • Please be in comfortable clothing, and bring your water bottle and an open mind.
  4. Is this workshop Yoga Alliance accredited?
    • Yes, we are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Partner, and participants will earn CE units upon completion.
  5. Are there any physical requirements or restrictions?
    • The workshop is adaptable to different body types and abilities. Participants with specific concerns should consult with the instructor.