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Welcome to our comprehensive 300-hour yoga teacher training program, designed to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga while preparing you for a fulfilling career as a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. This full in-person training offers a holistic approach, encompassing various aspects of yoga including techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and practical experience. Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of yoga, cultivate mindfulness, and develop the skills necessary to guide others on their yoga journey.

Upon signing up for the training, participants will receive:

  • Comprehensive course materials including manuals, books, and supplementary resources
  • Access to a supportive community of fellow practitioners and teachers
  • Guidance and mentorship from experienced yoga instructors throughout the program
  • Opportunities for continued learning and professional development post-training
  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate upon successful completion of the program


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Program Features


Module 1: Shoulder, Spine, and Core Stability

  • Understanding the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder girdle, spine, and core muscles.
  • Techniques for strengthening and stabilizing the shoulders, spine, and core through yoga asana practice.
  • Alignment principles and modifications for common shoulder, spine, and core-related issues.
  • Incorporating shoulder, spine, and core-focused sequences into class offerings.
  • Practical sessions and teaching practicums to apply the knowledge gained.

Module 2: Sequencing and Hands-On Adjustments

  • The art and science of yoga sequencing: creating balanced, purposeful class sequences.
  • Principles of intelligent sequencing based on biomechanics, anatomy, and energetic principles.
  • Hands-on adjustments: techniques for safe, effective, and supportive touch in yoga poses.
  • Enhancing student experience through verbal cues, demonstration, and physical adjustments.
  • Practice teaching sessions to refine sequencing and hands-on adjustment skills.

Module 3: Arm Balances and Hip Openers

  • Exploring arm balancing poses and transitions, including crow pose, side crow, and handstand.
  • Building strength, stability, and confidence for arm balances through progressive drills and exercises.
  • Techniques for safely and effectively preparing the hips for deeper opening and release.
  • Hip-opening asanas and sequences to improve flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.
  • Teaching methodology for guiding students safely into arm balances and hip-opening poses.

Module 4: Advanced Pranayama, Philosophy, and Anatomy

  • Advanced pranayama techniques for cultivating breath awareness, control, and vitality.
  • Study of classical yoga philosophy, including texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita.
  • Deeper exploration of human anatomy, with a focus on the respiratory system, nervous system, and subtle body anatomy.
  • Integrating philosophical concepts and anatomical understanding into yoga practice and teaching.
  • Practical sessions to experience and integrate advanced pranayama techniques and philosophical teachings.

Module 5: Advanced Asana and Integration

  • Progressing through advanced asanas and transitions, such as inversions, backbends, and arm balances.
  • Refining alignment, strength, and flexibility in advanced poses through targeted drills and exercises.
  • Incorporating mindfulness, breath awareness, and intention-setting into advanced asana practice.
  • Exploring the integration of yoga philosophy and energetic principles into advanced yoga practice.
  • Teaching practicums and peer feedback to refine teaching skills and integrate advanced practices into teaching offerings.

Each module will include a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, practical sessions, teaching practicums, and self-study assignments to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Participants will receive guidance, support, and feedback from experienced faculty members throughout the training to ensure their growth and development as yoga teachers.


1. Techniques, Training, and Practice (130 hours)

  • This component focuses on the fundamental yoga techniques, including various asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and other mindfulness practices. Participants will learn how to perform these techniques correctly, deepen their understanding of alignment principles, and develop a personal practice that suits their needs.

2. Teaching Methodology (10 hours)

  • In this segment, participants will learn the principles of effective teaching, including class sequencing, cueing, adjustments, and modifications. They will explore different teaching styles and methods to create engaging and accessible yoga classes for students of all levels.

3. Anatomy and Physiology (40 hours)

  • Understanding the human body is essential for safe and effective yoga practice. This module covers anatomy relevant to yoga, including skeletal structure, muscular system, and key physiological functions. Participants will learn how yoga affects the body, common injuries, and precautions to ensure a safe practice environment.

4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics (70 hours)

  • Yoga is more than just physical exercise; it’s a way of life. This segment delves into the philosophical and ethical principles of yoga, including the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and other classical texts. Participants will explore concepts such as mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness, as well as how to integrate yoga philosophy into daily life.

5. Practicum (50 hours)

  • The practicum component provides hands-on teaching experience under the guidance of experienced instructors. Participants will lead yoga classes, receive feedback, and refine their teaching skills. This practical application is essential for gaining confidence and proficiency as a yoga teacher.

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education in yoga, preparing participants to become knowledgeable, skilled, and ethical yoga teachers.

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Get to know our Teachers

ChauKei Ngai

2013 Yoga Champion, TedxLiverpool speaker and YogaUP Founding Director.

Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga educator, Internationally recognized specialist with four decades’ experience in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy.

Yogesh Varun

Experienced Yoga Master, Yogesh specializes in Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Therapy.