The Power of Grape

When people mention superfoods, we usually expect to hear about cacao, sea vegetables, golden berries, maca, or some adaptogenic herbal tonic, and while these foods are wonderful to have access to, sometimes we forget the humble brilliance of something like a bunch of grapes. Grapes find their taxonomy belonging to the same family as berries. That should be a clue right there as to their powerhouse of their benefits, especially when it comes to anti-inflammatories.

This is true even in the case of your skin.

If you’ve yet to be introduced to Caudalie’s skin care line, and you’re looking for a truly natural way to clean, soothe, and refresh the largest organ in your body, start here. With Caudalie, you are getting clean, pure, creative skin care and cosmetics, which uses grape water as a foundational ingredient in many of their products; all of which are organic, with no preservatives, no parabens, petroleum-based mineral oils, or sodium lauryl sulfates, and they’re devoid of animal products.

Mathilde Thomas founded the company with her husband Bertrand in Bordeaux almost seventeen years ago because in 1993 they had discovered how the byproducts of the wine industry throws away some of the greatest of the “treasure”: grape skins, seeds, waters.

It took them two years to patent a process that stabilizes the polyphenols in the grapes without damaging them, and this is the heart of Caudalie, (caudalie, pronounced: “kodali” – is a unit measuring the duration of the wine’s flavor on the palate) and its inception. In their patented process exclusive to Caudalie , the harvested grapes are “pressed and distilled using a low-pressure process”.  This allows them to isolate water from the grape juice via evaporation, they then remove any particulates and impurities and potentiate it.
It’s an exceptional way to care for your skin
By their ability to preserve the essence of this unique water, separate from the juice, something wonderful happens. For that very same resveratrol and other polyphenols and phytoalexin antioxidants present in the water in the wine, in skins, in the seeds of grapes, which provide all those wonderful sources of K2, copper, and a wealth of free-radical scourging antioxidants, is also a source of nourishment and protection and upliftment for your skin.